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Contract Maintenance Professional (CMP) Skill Level 2

Contract Maintenance Professional (CMP) Skill Level 2



Assist the Government in administering contracts to include drafting of modifications to
contract documents such as TTOs, Award Fee Plans, and CDRLs; tracking, analyzing, and
reporting contract costs; and monitoring and reporting on contractor performance to ensure
compliance with contract terms and receipt of goods and services.

The Level 2 Contract Maintenance Professional (CMP) shall possess the following capabilities:


  • Update burn rates using corporate template; conduct burn rate analysis and track funding run out dates.

  • Review invoices in accordance with the most recent BM&A Invoice Review Desk

  • Guide and contract clauses; report any discrepancies to Government Contract Manager (GCM).

  • Draft modification to existing Technical Task Orders (TTOs).

  • Refine requirements with COR-T to ensure within contract scope; draft TTOs for CM.

  • Prepare de-obligation forms including all applicable attachments.

  • Review/track requisitions for accuracy and communicate to BFMs corrections needed in order to adhere to GCM’s plan.

  • Track contract funding against DoD/BM&A goals for commitment, obligation, and outlay

  • Track contract costs at the TTO, fundcite/CLIN/SLIN, and budget center levels.

  • Analyze estimates provided by contractors to determine if estimates are in alignment with CM guidance and burn rate analysis.

  • Analyze QAR data to ensure in line with burn rate analysis prior to COR submission/approval.

  • Review spend plan data to ensure contracts have sufficient funding planned.

  • Assist with the validation of ULO and TAR lines for contracts.

  • Identify cost overruns and underruns on contracts.

  • Track award fee pool and calculate earned fee for the period as well as any incurred interest.

  • Assist in preparing contract funding estimates for Continuing Resolutions (CRs) and for spend plan build.

  • Track CPEA due dates and consolidate Government-provided input on past performance. Utilize appropriate CPEA form for given contract type.

  • Assist the GCM in monitoring contract performance through attendance at Contract/Program Status Reviews.

  • Track due dates for award/incentive fee documentation and consolidate Government- provided input on contractor performance using the standard BM&A report format.

  • Compare submitted resumes against labor category requirements and report any discrepancies to GCM.

  • Assist in responses to data calls for contract execution information

  • Conduct contract maintenance activities for a wide variety of contract types.


Eight (8) years of DoD, IC, or commercial experience in contract management or finance and a
Bachelor’s Degree with a business focus is required. In lieu of a degree, Certified Federal
Contracts Manager (CFCM) certification or DAWIA Level I in both Contracting and Program
Management plus an additional three (3) years of directly related experience for a total of
eleven (11) years may be substituted. In lieu of certification, an additional two (2) years of
directly related experience for a total of thirteen (13) years may be substituted. Experience in
tracking of programs/project/contract status in areas of cost, schedule and performance is
required. Experience with award fee incentivized contracts required. Experience using NSA’s
financial management system and its interfaces (currently FACTS and CMIS) is preferred.
Intermediate proficiency with MS Excel is required to include demonstrated use of pivot tables,
slicers, and pivot charts.

Email resume and cover letter to


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